The Reviews

A & W R.B. 80
Abita R.B. on cue
Americana on cue
Barq’s 30*
Barrel Brothers (Creamy Vanilla) R.B. 70*
Bedford’s on cue
Berghoff R.B. Draft Style 80*
Boylan’s Diet R.B. on cue
Boylan’s Original Birch Beer on cue
Boylan’s R.B. on cue
Brick Oven Old Fashioned R.B. 75*
Brigham’s Brew Hand Crafted R.B. on cue
Bulldog Handcrafted R.B. 85*
Bundaberg on cue
Capone Family Secret R.B. on cue
Caruso’s Legacy Robusto R.B.
Dad’s R.B. 55*
Dang! That’s Good R.B. on cue
Dog n Suds Draft Style R.B. 80*
Faygo Original R.B. on cue
Frostie R.B. on cue
Frostie Vanilla R.B. on cue
Grand Teton Brewing Co. R.B. ntfs
Hansen’s Creamy Root Beet 75
Henry Weinhard Premium Draught Style Head R.B. 90
Hippo Size Burley Birch Beer on cue
Hires R.B. 70*
Howie’s Premium R.B. 80*
IBC R.B. 80
Jones R.B. on cue
Mug Brand R.B. 75*
Red Arrow 75
Refreshe R.B. 80
Safeway Select R.B. 65*
Saranac 1888 R.B. 85*
Shasta R.B. 60*
Sioux City Birch Beer 45
Sioux City R.B. 75
Sioux City Sarsaparilla 80* / 60
Stewart’s Beverages Original R.B. 80
Teddy’s R.B. 80*
Thomas Kemper ntfs
Virgil’s (Microbrewed) R.B. on cue
Virgil’s Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg R.B. on cue
Western Family R.B. 65*

“on cue” means I have purchased it and it’s sitting on my dresser (or somewhere) and I need to sit down with my wife and drink it with her (after refrigerating it overnight of course).

“ntfs” means I need to find some

A score with an asterisk (*) means as far as I recall, I wasn’t doing formal reviews when I last had it, and in all fairness I should review it again before I give it a final score.

Some day I may learn how to make this a more usable table and link the root beers to their reviews.  (If you know how to do that, feel free to let me know in the nifty little comments box.)


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