St. John Brewers

I didn’t get around to reviewing this in a timely fashion, so I don’t remember details about this root beer.


I don’t recall it having that cola taste that I’ve come to dislike in so many of those Orca Beverages bottled drinks (see previous blog). This is, I believe, one of the root beers that I bought at a gas station in Baker, CA (world’s tallest thermometer, “Alien Jerky,” and not much more than a few gas stations, restaurants, and fast food joints) that claims to have something like 400 root beers and sodas, and they may very well have that many. Anyway, back to the root beer: I do remember having an overall good impression about this one. I think I gave it a high eighties, maybe even a ninety. In fairness, that’s probably because we drank it right after drinking this:


I wish I had taken a picture when the bottle was still full. Amy bought this one at the aforementioned gas station. It looked at least appetizing enough to taste. Out of curiosity if nothing else. It wasn’t. It was one of the worst tasting things to cross my lips. (I’ve had worse things, but much of it is texture, not actual taste.) We couldn’t even get the kids to drink it.


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