Virgil’s Root Beer

So, I ran across this saved draft. I’ll try and see if I can’t find those comments I refer to at the end of the post, but if I never do, here’s this (from last summer, sorry for the unprofessional manner of this, it will improve):

I was going to rate these separately (to give me more stuff to write about mostly), but they would have been three very similar reports.  In all fairness though, the keg and the bottle are the same stuff, so the compromise between one and three is … two.  Here’s the picture:Image

My sister-in-law (one of two who share my birthday — how cool is that!?) provided the keg at a recent family function, which prodded my selection of the Virgil’s for my next sampling. She was also gracious enough to donate the used keg to the cause. Since I didn’t have the two next to each other, or even the same day, I don’t have a great comparison, but the keg and the bottle seemed to be fairly similar as far as I can recall.  The keg may have been a tad more flat, but it was not significant.

Facebook comments that I sent to myself:  
Virgil’s Root Beer: Didn’t like it at first, it was that (for lack of a better term) “cola” taste. But it was more smooth than it seemed. The aftertaste was actually pleasant. Usually we use that term to describe something bad, but this root beer actually improved after I was done drinking it. I give it a 75.

Virgil’s Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg: Not much of a lasting head at all. Not a huge difference, but a little more smooth. It’s hard to describe, but I did like it better. I give it a 78 or 79.


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