World shattered.

CAM00623For one thing: Yikes! It’s been a year since I did anything here. It was a busy (exciting, miserable, stressful, event-filled, horrible, name your adjective) year. Sorry. On top of everything else we’ll call “life,” my computer crashed with the spreadsheet of the reviews I had completed. Still hoping to resurrect some files off of it if nothing else. In the meantime, posting from my phone is a bit tedious (but it does simplify the adding of pictures).

Now, about those two bottles. I had previously purchased some Frostie Root Beer and rated it. I didn’t give it a very good rating. I was thinking that many of the root beers from my local grocery store, or more correctly, the ones distributed by Orca Beverage Soda Works (in the Seattle area, Mukilteo to be exact), had a similar flavor that I didn’t really like. For lack of a better description, I had been calling it a cola flavor. The bottle on the left, that is clear, is from a four pack I purchased Saturday at Day’s Market in north Provo (just south of Ripple’s Drive-In, from the short film, The Phone Call – “It’s like a ballon, with ‘s’es”) as a treat for the kids for Easter. The bottle on the right, that is brown, is from Ream’s here in Springville. The brown one is from Orca, but the clear one is not. (Incidentally, the Orca one says Frostie is a registered trademark of Leading Edge Brands in Texas, but the other one says Frostie is a registered trademark of Frostie Root Beer in Michigan. Interesting.)

So, on to the point of the story. Last night at dinner K had the brown one, and the other four had the clear ones. I had not even noticed that there was a difference at first. After someone pointed it out, I tasted them both, and . . . they taste different! I like the stuff in the clear bottle. No cola taste! So now do I have to go identify all the other brands of root beer that were from Orca, and try to find some from another source? Why? Why did they have to do this to me? Why? Why does Frostie let Orca make root beer for them that doesn’t taste as good as the original? Why? Oh, the inhumanity of it all!


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