And Finally

DSCF2389 RB cropSadly, Boylan’s actual Cane Sugar Root Beer was not as good as the birch beer (it was, however, far superior to their diet offering).  Perhaps we will try them both again some day (certainly not anytime soon though, as we have LOTS of root beer to sample and review before we start on repeats), but that was how the cards fell this time.  I originally gave it a 70, but then when I served it to the kids the next day, I took another drink and thought, “It wasn’t that bad,” so I upgraded it to a 76 this morning (the morning of the writing of this post, not this actual morning, as I sometimes write three or four review at a time and schedule them to post a week apart).  I wrote on my score sheet: “‘Not my favorite.’  It has some familiar tastes that reminded me of cola, but was better.”  (The “Not my favorite” is in reference to one or more of our kids who used to say that something was not their favorite, when they actually didn’t like it — but I/we didn’t dislike it as far as I can recall, we just chose to finish the birch beer and gave a portion of this bottle to the kids.)  The ingredient list: carbonated water, cane sugar, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, yucca extract, citric acid, and sodium benzoate (preserves freshness).  Also of note, all three Boylan’s products have a little emblem declaring that it is kosher.  So, if you want root beer with your Passover meal, this could be an option.


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