First of Three Boylan’s Products

So, it’s been awhile.  There are things in life more important than root beer, and then there’s my forgetfulness. Anyway, the other day we sampled three different beverages from Boylan’s.  First was a Boylan’s Diet Root Beer.

Boylan's Trio

Boylan’s Trio

The only reason I even considered it is because I had not seen any other Boylan’s root beer when I saw this at Big Lots.  The only potentially good thing about it was that it was 16 oz instead of 12.  Considering how not delicious it was though, this was not a good thing after all.  I gave it a 30.  And that was generous.  There’s just something about diet root beer that’s wrong.  One note of interest is that the 16 oz bottle says that a serving is 8 oz, therefore the bottle is two servings.  Being a diet drink it did say there were 0 calories, and 0 sugars, as well as 0 total carbohydrates (compared the the 170 calories and 42g of sugars (total carbohydrates).  I’m guessing the 8 oz serving was possibly to keep those numbers “rounbable” to zero.  But it had such a bad aftertaste that it really wasn’t worth it.  One positive thing about it (that is not unique to the diet beverage) is the cool bottle.  It is not just a generic bottle with a label, the bottle has the company name in raised letters just below the neck.


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