Stewart’s Original Fountain Classics, Root Beer, Cold Brewed Draft

DSCF1509 cropped


This is also a review from a few weeks ago.  (I had already taken this picture though, and as much as I would have preferred to show off that I’m still in San Diego, I was too lazy to take a different picture.  Maybe next time.)

One thing I’ve learned is that I need to take better notes.  All I wrote on the spreadsheet was,  “It was good, but not great.”  I gave it a score of 80.  If I had a buhzillion dollars I’d probably open a bottle of Henry Weinhard’s and a bottle of A&W and maybe another one or two and drink some of each, possibly even in mugs that did not reveal the identity of the root beer until I was done rating them and comparing them against others.  Maybe some day, when this hobby has taken over my life, and/or when I have a gazillion dollars, and the time, and someone or a small group of someones to rate the sodas with me (so that I didn’t have to drink four entire bottles every time I did a review).


1 thought on “Stewart’s Original Fountain Classics, Root Beer, Cold Brewed Draft

  1. rickgabbitas Post author

    Update: Had another one a few weeks ago. It’s good stuff. I don’t recall the cola/HFCS flavor dominating the whole thing. I also don’t recall it being particularly smooth though. For some reason, I’m finding myself truly wanting to like this root beer, but I just don’t love it.


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