Hansen’s Natural Cane Soda, Creamy Root Beer

So, now that I have created this blog, I sort of feel like maybe everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for my next review.  (Okay, I am fully aware that no one is holding their breath, and no one gives it a first thought, let alone a second.)  Anyway, I’m a little busy this afternoon, but I wanted to take a moment to write one quick review.  Yes, I did my best to make sure that you could see San Diego in the background.  (Okay, not my very best, I didn’t drive to the ideal location or even venture outside my room, but I did spend some time considering it and I took several pictures from different angles.)

Hansen's Creamy Root Beer, San Diego Bay in the background.

Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer, San Diego Bay in the background.

I must admit it has been a few weeks since I drank this, but luckily for me, I took notes.  This is what I wrote on the spreadsheet the night I sampled that can: “Decent, overpriced, a little bit ‘creamy’ like it says, but also a little bit of cola taste.”  I was not very verbose, but it’s a good thing I took notes, too, because as I saw the case in the fridge I kept thinking that I liked it more than that.  For some reason I remembered the “creamy” but not the “cola.”  I’ll drink another can and update this if necessary, but for now it gets a 75.  (That score is truly based on a scale of one to a hundred, so don’t think, “C,” because this isn’t school.  It’s life.) That’s probably mostly marked down because it’s more expensive than regular canned root beer, and the score should probably more accurately just reflect the quality of the root beer itself, but this is a very subjective matter in the first place and frankly, it’s much more difficult than I had supposed.


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