Henry Weinhard’s Original Recipe Root Beer, Gourmet Soda, Draught Style Head

DSCF1514 smallThis is the best root beer I have tasted so far.  I love this stuff.  Honestly, much of what makes a good root beer is personal preferences, some people like their root beer with a little bite to it and others prefer it to be more smooth, but how can anyone not like this stuff?  It is creamy and smooth, and the head was long lasting. The bottle says Original Recipe, Henry Weinhard’s, Root Beer, Gourmet Soda, Draft Style Head.  I do not know what a “Draft Style Head” is, but this is some good stuff.  If you are wondering if you will agree with my assessment of some of these less-available and usually pricier root beers, get a hold of some of this and if you don’t drink it and say, “Wow, that’s good!” then you may want to look for another root beer aficionado to gather your data from.  (That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next bottle of this stuff that I open won’t live up to these expectations, so don’t ditch me yet.)

UPDATE: May 7, 2013.   This is still the best root beer on the planet.  The standard by which all others are judged.


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