Not exactly root beer.

My work kids are pretty dang awesome! I’m lucky to be able to work with them.

One of my students saw these Root Beer flavored Peeps while shopping, and thought of me.

So, first things first, it’s a Peep. Not a fan. (Sorry Emma, don’t know if you were there that day.) As far as peeps go, these might be the only ones I would eat. The Root Beer flavoring is pretty good. It’s got a creamy, vanilla taste to it. Which makes sense, because they are technically Root Beer Float, not just Root Beer. I was surprised that I sort of liked them. Good stuff.


Cool Mountain Root Beer Fountain Classic

Yes, I know, it’s been awhile. Today we were doing some rearranging downstairs and moved my root beer bottles to a better location and I remembered that I have a lot of root beer to still be tasted. So I popped open a bottle and tasted it.20170713_142350

As you can see, it has no head. It did sit for just a tiny bit while I fetched the camera (old phone) and set up the shot, but even as I poured it, there was not much of a head. The taste was sweet and crisp. I liked it. It had a little bit of that “cola” flavor that is so strong with so many of those Orca Beverages drinks, but it wasn’t over powering. It wasn’t as smooth as the Henry Weinhard’s, but then again, what is. I give it an 80.

Of note, on the bottle instead of an expiration date printed on the glass, it says, “Follow That Root Beer.” I’ll try to get a picture of that too, if I can figure out how to post two pictures on one post.1499979094688843127112

Dang! That’s Good(R) Root Beer

Okay, for one thing, I just saw that I have over 500 followers! How did that happen? I feel a new responsibility to make sure that I do this more regularly. For another thing, I had no idea we painted our table that long ago.
Now, on to the review:

That was probably the best root beer I’ve had in a long time! It ranks right up there with Henry Weinhard’s. I’ll give it a 90. I really want to compare it side by side with HW. There was no “cola” taste at all. It was smooth and creamy. I was worried at first that it might be flat because there was no fizz when I opened the bottle, and there wasn’t much of a “head” at all. They definitely got the name right.

Route 66 Beer (or Route Beer 66)

     Still not sure what the name of this root beer is.  The seems to say “Route Beer 66” to me, but then the slogan says “Get Your Kicks With Route 66 Beer,” and then, to top it off (pun intended) the cap says “Route 66 Sodas.” Plus, as you can plainly see in the picture,


under the main Route Beer 66 sign on the front, it says Root Beer.
     I’m starting to wonder if that flavor that I’m not fond of, that I’ve been calling a cola flavor, is actually the cane sugar.  My brother swears he knows the difference between high fructose corn syrup (or HFCS in the gourmet circles) and cane sugar. I wonder if Henry Weinhard’s is HFCS. … Just checked a bottle. It is. Sad, sad, day. Without further testing, it would appear that I may prefer the flavor of HFCS over real cane sugar. Well, in root beer anyway.
     My favorite thing about this root beer may be the name. Even though I’m confused. It’s not bad. As a matter of fact, I give it a score in the low to mid eighties probably.  It was smooth, and had a good head. As a matter of fact, I really liked how the head froze completely in the frozen mug and made a little top that trapped the soda in when I went to drink it. This may have had to do with the fact the fact that I had a whole bottle or in the mug, or maybe the delay in pouring the soda and then going to get my phone/camera. Which leads to another observation that without Amy here to drink half the bottle, my stomach says, “Whoa, that’s a little too much, sport.”  I knew that was the case though, I can never finish a whole can of soda pop comfortably. In summary:
1) Good, not great, root beer.
2) It’s nearing my bedtime.
3) I really like frozen mugs.

Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer.

Strong cola flavor. I should really identify this flavor better because the more root beers that I taste with this flavor, the more I suspect that not all root beers are made with a cola flavor.


By the end of the mug, it wasn’t as prevalent as at first. Other than that, it was a smooth flavor. Amy said she liked it, but then again, everything tastes good now (after the bacon soda fiasco — see previous post). She gave it an eight on a scale of ten; I gave it an eighty, on a scale of a hundred. So, similar scores.
     It’s late and my phone decided to stop capitalizing the first letter of a sentence, so I’ll sign off now, but not without giving a teaser that I may find the file where Amy and I were rating all the root beers at first, and write several blogs from my notes. So, there’s that to look forward to. G’night. Feel free to let me know if anyone actually reads this.

St. John Brewers

I didn’t get around to reviewing this in a timely fashion, so I don’t remember details about this root beer.


I don’t recall it having that cola taste that I’ve come to dislike in so many of those Orca Beverages bottled drinks (see previous blog). This is, I believe, one of the root beers that I bought at a gas station in Baker, CA (world’s tallest thermometer, “Alien Jerky,” and not much more than a few gas stations, restaurants, and fast food joints) that claims to have something like 400 root beers and sodas, and they may very well have that many. Anyway, back to the root beer: I do remember having an overall good impression about this one. I think I gave it a high eighties, maybe even a ninety. In fairness, that’s probably because we drank it right after drinking this:


I wish I had taken a picture when the bottle was still full. Amy bought this one at the aforementioned gas station. It looked at least appetizing enough to taste. Out of curiosity if nothing else. It wasn’t. It was one of the worst tasting things to cross my lips. (I’ve had worse things, but much of it is texture, not actual taste.) We couldn’t even get the kids to drink it.